All the benefits of joining the Association

By becoming a Member of the Tiramisù Academy, you will have the opportunity to:


Support social
and cultural activities

As a Member of the Academy, you will have the chance to closely follow the initiatives and activities carried out by the Association and the Clubs, and suggest projects to be developed.


Broaden your knowledge
of Made in Italy

By participating in Academy events and initiatives, you will be able to learn more about Made in Italy and become a supporter of its values not only in the “Belpaese”, but also abroad.


Share recipes
with the community

You will have the opportunity to see your recipe published on the Association’s communication channels, as well as regularly receive regional and international recipes through the newsletter dedicated to the Academy Members.


Get involved
in the life of the Academy

With the Official Badge of the Tiramisù Academy, which you will receive by e-mail following your registration, you will get the chance to participate in the organised events and you will be regularly updated on all the news.

Become part of the Community

You too can participate in the project



Actively participate in the life of the Academy and support its initiatives

We are just at the beginning,
however the Tiramisù Academy will offer its Members
always more opportunities, such as special benefits,
vouchers and other advantages, with the collaboration
and support of its Partners.

Thesis Prize

The aim is to encourage and increase, through annual prizes, the knowledge on the topic of tiramisu and its economic and socio-cultural implications, with studies and research that analyse future developments of the phenomenon itself.
Scholarships for young students
A significant contribution will give them the opportunity to live an experience abroad by learning from and getting into a real restaurant kitchen, developing skills in the preparation of tiramisu and other recipes, learning the importance of teamwork and being part of a qualified professional work environment.
Innovative cultural activities linked to Made in Italy
Activities developed by the Tiramisù Academy and the Clubs, which will keep their Members updated on all the initiatives, i.e.: meetings with special guests, meetings with Members, cooking classes, events and much more. Check out the “Club” section to find the nearest Club, take part in the scheduled events and meet people who share your same passion.
Social initiatives
Activities and initiatives such as the organisation of studies, research and cultural events with a focus on tiramisu and Made in Italy, in addition to the support of projects in line with the theme and mission of the Academy, the realisation of in-depth studies on wine and food tourism, as well as activities of social interest with educational purposes.

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