Tiramisù Ham and Melon

Recipe is by Elena Bonali, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2021


  • 200g of mascarpone
  • 25g of egg yolk
  • 20g of white sugar for the cream
  • Cocoa to taste
  • Coffee to taste
  • A package of classic Pavesini
  • Dehydrated melon
  • Parma ham  


  1. Chop 7 Pavesini with a mixer, put them into a bowl and add the coffee a little at a time using a syringe without needle, until you obtain a soft and moist but compact paste to make the truffles.
  2. Take a small amount of dough and knead it between your hands to form small balls. 
  3. In the meantime, melt a teaspoon of bitter cocoa with some water to create the decoration on the plate. 
  4. Weigh 25g of pasteurised egg yolk, add the sugar and with an electric whisk immediately whip the mixture until you obtain a soft, frothy, straw-yellow cream. 
  5. Soften the mascarpone by using a soft spatula, with gentle movements and always in the same direction. 
    The use of electric whisk is not recommended, as they can incorporate too much air and disassemble the structure of the mascarpone.  
  6. Add the mascarpone to the egg previously whipped with the sugar, mixing them by hand with gentle movements.
  7. Start the serving using a pastry cup and create the different layers: start with the cream, then the Pavesini soaked in coffee on one side and very quickly, cream, small nuggets of melon, Pavesini, cream, melon and finish with the cream well levelled.
  8. Sprinkle a little cocoa powder and gently remove the pastry case.   
    In the meantime, place a couple of slices of ham without the fat on baking paper and put it in the microwave at 600w for about 2 min.
  9. Place the ham on a wire rack and let it cool down: once cold, it will become crispy, then reduce it to flakes and sprinkle it on the Tiramisu.  
  10. Decorate the plate with Pavesini truffles dipped in cocoa.  
    If you want an extra decoration, you can caramelise a little sugar with a few drops of water in the microwave.  When it turns golden, create your decorations on baking paper and, once cooled, decorate your Tiramisu.  

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